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Installation interactive, Bruxelles-Venise, 2011.
« We are Here », Université Ca' Foscari, Venise.
04.06 / 02.07.2011

De Venise, Alexandra Dementieva m'envoie ces informations sur l'installation qu'elle vient de monter à Venise dans le cadre de l'exposition « We are Here ». Je vous retransmets son texte et cette image.

Nota bene : Une aide à la traduction (google traduction) se trouve en haut à droite de ce blog.

"The principal feature of the Human Being is his desire to communicate, to create links, to exchange ideas, to discover. Since forever, people have been in constant movement. First they met nearby tribes, later established connections with other countries and continents. Bringing along their culture and tools and exchanging them with others, they enriched themselvesand this process was expressed in technological and spiritual development. It as not always been this way, but I want to focus now on their endeavor for enlightenment-illumination.
One of the sweetest dreams of mankind was to meet other intelligent life. There are a lot of legends and myths devoted to this subject.
Recently, scientists published their hypothesis that very soon they would have to discover a planet that will have very similar life conditions to ours.
This installation is the "landing field" at the University of Venice.
To mark it, the author uses a sign - the pictogram 'PLAY'. The meaning of it is known to everyone and understandable for any intelligence : to start action. It is like an invitation for the aliens to land and open a new era together with humans.
Its shape will be cut in lawn grass and can stay there throughout the summer. In the evening, when it becomes dark, the sign could be lit by the viewer breathing into the flow detector that will be installed on a podium right in front of the grass' pictogram.
For this purpose, the author uses the LED lamp strip, putting it on around the shape. It will be invisible during the daytime and begin functioning in the night." (A.D.)

Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia

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