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Installation. Toronto, 2006.
Ph. © Chrysanne Stathacos.

"The fog is constantly reacting to its own environment, revealing or concealing. The fog makes invisible things visible and invisible things visible like the wind."(Fujiko Nakaya, 1978)

Japan is the land of fogs, mists and clouds, hung heavily in the mountains they reveal and/or conceal. Water is everywhere in the peninsula Japanese and it is not uncommon to see a sudden rise of the masses of mist coming accompany the meandering landscape. Dense. Frayed. Torn into lineaments.

When she plants the spray and the mist on the periphery of the world, it is as if Fujiko Nakaya has taken and moved a fragment of Japan or a piece of her story (researchers and scientists, the father and sister both have "worked" ice, water and soil of the North) ...

"Sculpting fog" : to raise, to stretch, to fray. The build up in places where it was not always used to find it. In cities, around the museum, in the heart of houses, on stage too - the malleable mass hiding or revealing the step of the dancers...

Looking through the catalog of the collection Anarchive, we understand that the fog was to Fujiko Nakaya an endless reverie, and a Dionysian nature. The mist is exhilarating. You get lost and forgets. Circumscribed worlds and it penetrates ...

Make use of the technique and science for Fujiko Nakaya was a natural extension of his fascination with aggregates of droplets, misting and orchestration of these masses of fog where you can slide and play. The nature is extended and amplified by these gestures and these calculations that increase in us the dream. Imponderable. But CONCRETE.

FUJIKO NAKAYA. - FOG / BROUILLARD. Editions Anarchive 2012. Book with DVD-Video and DVD-Rom compiling a mass of archival documents. - Texts Fujiko Nakaya, Michel Butor, Yuji Morioka, Anne-Marie Duguet, Kenjiro Okazaki, Huyghe, Mildred Marion Halligan, Bill Viola and Urara Nakamura.

Presses du réel : Fujiko Nakaya

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