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"Mr Mutilated, Mr sawed, Mr amputee, Mr beheaded in the wire and guillotines discretion of the war." (Antonin Artaud).

1914-1918 : a generation of artists and writers (Antonin Artaud, André Breton, André Masson, Louis-Ferdinand Celine...) is projected in the Great War trenches, battlefields (Verdun), its dead and wounded psychic. Centers of neuropsychiatry are created to treat patients, who have "no apparent injuries", as quickly as possible and return to the front.

This war of 14-18, Antonin Artaud (1896-1948) will continue to relive. As actor in Verdun, Visions of History (Léon Poirier) and The wooden Cross (Raymond Bernard). As a writer, author and theater actor. - Texts and drawings of his last books are the expression of the literary and graphic war he leads against a world that has made ​​him a "mutilated", a "cut", a "remote "to be.

Between the two wars (1918 and 1939), begin a process of continued war (Michel Foucault), a world increasingly technology-medicalized and a brutalization mass (George Mosse) of civil society and the rise of a form of "mental health" and social health whose diversion will end, in Germany, in the Hitlerian fascism.

1939-1945 : Hitler (medically treated, him too, during the First World War in a psychiatric center) pulls Europe and world in a war of extermination. Artaud was undergoing psychiatric asylums, hunger, electric shocks.

This book dives into the very heart of what made ​​most of the political and cultural history of the twentieth century. The big story spells with the rhythm of the literature and art of the first half of the century. We meet these psychiatrists (and psychoanalysts) have name Charcot, Freud, Babinski, Toulouse, Grasset, Tausk, Allendy, etc.. - This Edouard Toulouse called "the biocracy" brand, even today, our entire society.

Originality of this work is to be in the pincers of two world wars and show how Artaud ( but also Céline, André Breton, André Masson and many others ...) are at the heart of a process of "war continued." The book takes into account a long time, which is also the life and work of an individual - Antonin Artaud - literally "seized" in the path that buttressed to each other both conflicts.

This is a "narrative" resolutely multidisciplinary, which addresses the issue of WAR a historical perspective, through literature, drawing, film and theater Artaud in the cultural, aesthetic, medical ("mental hygiene"), anthropological and political of the first half of the twentieth century.

A fascinating and terrific story. The book (which leans researches in the archives of the Great War) is profusely illustrated and contains unpublished documents about Antonin Artaud, Louis-Ferdinand-Céline and the Great War.

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