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Passport of ARTAUD and Post Cards.

Passport of Artaud,
in Antonin Artaud Voyages, 1992, pp.145-146.

The auction room of Compiègne has just spread a set of photos, books, letters, postcards, manuscripts and Antonin Artaud's diverse documents "resulting from his family".

Among all of the proposed documents, the set of 57 original postcards of ARTAUD (front and reverse), sent to his family, and HIS ENTIRE passport was published BY US in FACSIMILE in a BOOK in 1992 (Antonin Artaud Voyages, Published BLUSSON, 190 pages among which a consequent set of illustrations in black and white).This book redraws by the menu the progress and the history of this passport, since his emission in 1935, with the prospect of its Mexican journey. The same "ID card" will follow him then in Ireland.

"It is necessary (so for example) to note this administrative white on the passport, this absence of buffer or stamp indicating the return of Artaud of Ireland up to French earth. The process of the internment so makes slide the body and the character of the citizen Artaud in a kind of administrative no-man's-land. Everything takes place as if had never come back from Ireland … mythical earth where he abandoned a part of his identity." (Florence de Mèredieu, Antonin Artaud Voyages, pp. 117-118, 1992)

Sent to his father, her mother, her sister Marie-Ange, her niece Ghislaine Malausséna or to his brother Fernand, the postcards of this corpus are spread out from 1915 till 1937. They inform us about the menus events of the life of the poet, on his humor and " give to see " these landscapes and these parts of the country (Algeria, Berlin, Brussels, Mexico, Ireland, etc.) where the eyes of Artaud settled… For a time…

These documents were minutely transcribed, referenced and annotated by us (in 1992), then added to a study of set, historic, poetic and metaphysical nature, concerning the theme of the journey, the postcard and the IDENTITY. This work constitutes (as regards Artaud) the reference book on the question.

Some copies of this book - become rare - remain available at the publisher and at some good booksellers.

Antonin Artaud, Voyages (Blusson)

Table of contents

Sale of Compiègne the 28/01/2017

Antonin Artaud, "Voyages",
One of the "57 Post Cards", Blois 1930.

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