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MATERIAL and IMMATERIAL History of Modern and Contemporary Art. What News ?

of Modern and Contemporary Art.
Publishing (Editions), Larousse, 2017. (front cover).

"There are moments of dizziness very, very strong ; the world falls over monstrously." (Abraham Poincheval, at the end of at the end of his performance : " project to live in one Pierre ", Palace of Tokyo, in February, 2017).

What about this quite last edition ? What's new in the art and in the art history?

At OPENING of the boo : a clear stand on "Notions" of MODERN ART and CONTEMPORARY ART, which widely occupied the debates of these last years. This Foreword should (to him alone) activate some controversies …

Widely INCREASED, with a renewed iconography, this 4th edition extends and amplifies the whole previous work. New elements, new artists, new perspectives are integrated into the progress of the book.

THE founding ARCHITECTURE of the work remains intact, enriched by artists' contemporary confirmed contributions (as Marina Abramovic, Vera Molnar, Daniel Buren, Jeff Koons, Olafur Eliasson, Ai Weiwei, Damien Hirst, Maurizio Cattelan, etc.) as well as the works of new artists (as Patrick Beaulieu, Antoine Perrot, Douglas Scholes, Lee Bull, Prune Nourry, Eric Baudart, Bansky, etc.).

Characteristic of the last decade, the PERFORMANCE is the object here of new developments. Certain artists (Such Marina Abramovic) developed considerably their project. Artists appeared (as Abraham Poincheval, Caroline Boileau and many others) who try to push away (to repel) the limits of the physical machinery. New fields (as the dance) invaded the territory of the plastic arts, questioning again, the plan of the artistic territories.

The invasion of the field of the contemporary creation by art-goods is taken into account too. Fragonard, Rubens, Van Gogh, etc., become marks that appropriate big captains of industry.

At the other end of the social field, cities, walls, public buildings, streets and up to the places of fight, see each other invested by the street art (JR, Bansky, etc.).

New works appear (or develop - as the works in situ of James Turrell) which enrich and disrupt the long history of the cosmic relation which the man maintains with materials.

Revisit in depth modern and contemporary art. Go of discovery to discovery. Verify the scale and the power of the current creation: it was for me an immense pleasure. I wish today to pull the reader at the heart of meanders recently traced by those who - such the "small chap" whom evoked Picasso, do not stop coming into the world and appearing. Like Maurizio Cattelan's wax double, contemplating the world since the crevice cut in the ground of the world.

Table of contents of the previous edition (3th publishing — in French)

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