mardi 8 octobre 2013


Paris, 5 October 2013. - "Place de la République". Sleepless night. Gray night. Fujiko Nakaya has installed, in the median of the Place, misters and cannons fog.

I came by subway. On the platform out of the train : the security men of the RATP, dog muzzled by hand. At the exit, near the Boulevard Magenta, a Roma family (a family, we want to say a whole family - men, women, children), lying under blankets for nights that are not. In the middle of passers noise, of the crowd.

Noisy, motley, the crowd gathers in the gray median. A flow of a mediaeval gray invaded instead. We get lost. Briefly. But where do we lose ? And we find ourselves in another less dense fog : recognizable shapes, silhouettes of friends we know.

Wet puddles. The camera up against the sky. The crowd is also a fog. Dense. Sometimes so dense that one seeks emptiness, hollow. Night.

I think the Roma on the edge of the square. In this white night, the gray night is their common lot. The city is wild. "She" appropriates and eat all landscapes. - And even more human.

Fujiko, Fujiko, the city is pitching in the fog.

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