lundi 31 août 2009

Open letter The Artaud Affair Le Monde — 2/6

Plea for resuscitating the drowned
Open letter (as form demands) to Jean-Louis Jeannelle* and Le Monde des livres. *Writer of the article “L’Affaire Artaud : journal ethnographique de Florence de Mèredieu : Artaud et les jésuites” (11 June 09)


It was in the midst of a curious column, ‘APARTE’ (‘aside’), that "Le Monde des livres" published this article.
Lend me your ears ! Ladies and gentlemen ! - To talk about the Artaud affair, we must lower the tone, step out of the framework of important columns and walk small. To TALK ABOUT the Artaud affair and Artaud in short, the first thing to do before anything else is SHUT UP. - That is plain to see.

"Le Monde des livres" takes no risks. - Is it because the flower of French journalism is already up to its neck in this story ? Sunk with all hands aboard in the murky depths of the Artaud affair. Is Le Monde among the drowned ? Dissolved ? Diluted ?

To revive the vital force of our daily, I suggest we use this antique device, designed for resuscitating drowned persons (see image on cover).

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