lundi 31 août 2009

Open letter The Artaud Affair Le Monde — 6/6

Plea for resuscitating the drowned
Open letter (as form demands) to Jean-Louis Jeannelle* and Le Monde des livres. *Writer of the article “L’Affaire Artaud : journal ethnographique de Florence de Mèredieu : Artaud et les jésuites” (11 June 09)


Jean-Louis Jeannelle expresses doubt as to the validity of ‘this attempt at controversial history’ that I am trying to foster.

But what this university man and journalist forgets is that the Artaud affair has remained to the present day a pirate’s chest of legends by which all sorts of fabrications have been possible.
We need simply accumulate facts and documents, and relate events truthfully, to see that the matter of what forms history (what happened, what was said or done at a given time by one party or another) or ethnographic investigation (in which I play the role of ethnographer or detective) is indeed controversial.

What is controversial in my book is the mass of documents and facts that rise up to contradict the legends set into place. - It is not the forthright tone that is at cause ! It is what is real that is controversial.

Florence de Mèredieu, 14 juin 2009

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