lundi 31 août 2009

Open letter The Artaud Affair Le Monde — 5/6

Plea for resuscitating the drowned
Open letter (as form demands) to Jean-Louis Jeannelle* and Le Monde des livres. *Writer of the article “L’Affaire Artaud : journal ethnographique de Florence de Mèredieu : Artaud et les jésuites” (11 June 09)


‘What are the stakes ?, you may ask me. - First of all, they concern Artaud’s production and the way in which his works have been presented to the public.

Second, it is time we got shut of the rabid media neurosis that has held things up for so long. That freedom of speech be possible. That fear no longer reign in those places where it is felt most : the press, publishing, the media.

What is the role of a paper like Le Monde ? Is it to ensure that the weight of influences rests secure, that networks remain in place, that certain parties be allowed to control opinion ? Or is it to foster real discussions ?

This most recent article in Le Monde does not even say what the stakes in play in the Artaud affair are.

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